Degree Programs

BS Electronics Engineering

BS Entrepreneurship

BS Industrial Engineering

BS Information Technology


BS Information Technology

The goal of the program is for students to apply IT effectively in a global work environment driven by rapidly changing technology, as well as, to prepare students as professionals who can assist general users -- including individuals and organizations, in evaluating needs and solving problems through the use of information technology. Under which are three major courses: Computer Science, Computer Technology and Information Systems.

Career Opportunities

Computer Science Technical Writer, Technical Support/Sales Representative, Applications Programmer, Operating Systems Programmer, Web/Systems Programmer, Network Engineer, etc. Computer Technology Project Manager, Network Manager/ Administrator, Data Communications Engineer, Systems Manager, Hardware Designer, etc. Information Systems Web Designer/Administrator, Network Manager, Web Programmer/Developer, Database Specialist, etc.

BS Entrepreneurship

A degree in BS Entrepreneurship provides students with the necessary skills needed to identify and analyze opportunities in the market and economy and allows you to take advantage of them. The main thrust of this course is the development of efficient and socially responsible Filipino entrepreneurs. Under this program are two major courses: Enterprise Mastery in Finance and Marketing.

Career Opportunities

Finance Entrepreneur, Financial Planner, Banker, Financial Management Trainee, New Accounts Personnel, Credit and Collection Assistant, Credit Analyst, Treasury Assistant, etc. Marketing Entrepreneur, Marketing Manager, Marketing Management Trainee, Marketing Assistant, Accounts Executive, Merchandiser, PR/Advertising Assistant, etc.

BS Electronics Engineering

BS Electronics Engineering provides a wide range of knowledge and techniques in modern electronics engineering and offers specialization in industrial automation, computer technology, telecommunications, computer modeling and real-time control, signal processing and analysis.

Career Opportunities

Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Manufacturing Engineer, Electronics Design, Computer Systems, Automation, Process Control, Robotics and Mechatronics, Signal Processing, Optics, etc.

BS Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering is distinguished from other engineering disciplines in its concern with problems which involve human effort and energy, production systems, economy in the use of money, materials and time. It is concerned with the best possible utilization of integrated systems of people methods, materials, machines and energy to achieve organizational goals. IE is the application of principles and methods of engineering analysis and design which contributes to the management decisionmaking process.

Career Opportunities

Industrial Engineer, Planning Engineer, Methods Analyst, Systems Analyst, Design Engineer, Quality Engineer, Project Analyst, Productivity Specialist, Operations Research Analyst, etc.


Technical Vocational Courses

Automotive Servicing NCII (AS)

Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM)

Computer Hardware Servicing NCII (CHS)

Computer Programming (CP)

Computer Secretarial (CS)

Consumer Electronics Servicing (CES)

Dress Making (DM)

Machining (MO)

Refrigeration and Air-Con Servicing (RACS)



Automotive Servicing NCII

Students under the program are trained in performing gas and diesel tune-up and shop maintenance, servicing automotive battery and ignition systems, wiring/lighting system test and repair among others.

Electrical Installation and Maintenance NCII

The course provides students with enhanced knowledge and skills in residential and commercial building wiring installation, motor control wiring system, transformer construction, micro controller installation and motor rewinding.

Computer Hardware Servicing NCII

The program is designed to develop the necessary competencies of a computer service technician in maintenance and systems configuration and diagnostics, including networks.

Computer Programming NCIV

Students under this program will be able to learn how to write and develop program codes using a computer or a workstation as part of a system development and includes program logic and design flow.

Computer Secretarial

This course is designed to produce computer secretarial graduates knowledgeable in data encoding, Power Point presentations, and other computer-related clerical responsibilities.

Dress Making NCII

Students under this course will develop competencies in pattern drafting and cutting, material/fabric lay-outing pattern, material/ fabric sewing and applying finishing touches to casual apparel.

Machining NCII

Graduates of this course will be able to set-up and operate a variety of tools used in machine operations and will be knowledgeable in turning, milling, precision grinding and bench work.

Refrigeration and Air-Condition Servicing NCII

Students of this course are trained to develop and enhance competencies required in servicing and troubleshooting of window-type air-conditioning units and domestic refrigeration systems, as well as, installing and repairing the unit.


Short-Term Courses

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

Dress Making (5 months)

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